Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that Your Time is Precious and therefore we've provided the answers of the Frequently Asked Questions, which may address some of your General Queries too.

1. Do you provide a Trial offer?

Yes, we do. If you want to rent our resource(s) for a very small time on Trial Basis, you can hire a Dedicated Developer for Minimum Hiring Period, before committing to any engagement model. This will help you guage our developer's capability and decide whether you should engage him for a longer duration or not.

2. What is your core competence? Do you undertake UI/UX, Web or Graphic Designing projects?

Our core competence is web development; however, we do have a team of skilled designers who do cool UI/UX and Graphic Design. As a matter of fact, we have been undertaking projects related with:

Website Design and Application Development

eCommerce and Shopping Cart Customization

B2B, B2C & Enterprise Portals, Intranet, etc.

Installation, Migration, Legacy Modernization, Maintenance, etc.

Integrating Third Party Software Components, Plugins, Extensions, Add-ons, REST API, etc.

Bug Fixing, Performance Enhancements and other minor & major Modifications

Know more about our expertise.

3. What if the dedicated programmer is unable to coincide with the exact requirements of the project?

Our team is comprised of skilled and seasoned web programmers who possess years of expertise and experience, so we are confident that they will execute your project aptly. Having said so, if you feel that the web developer dedicated on your project is unable to coincide with its exact requirements, then you can notify us within 1 week, so that we can take a quick action and provide you with replacement. We will also not hesitate to refund the money on a pro-rata basis in case you're not satisfied with the replacement either.

4. What methods of payment you accept?

We accept the payments through PayPal, Xoom, or Wire Transfer. We will also assist you with your payment related queries upon request.

5. How do I track the progress of my project?

The web programmer designated on your project will send you the Progress Reporting email at regular intervals. Alternatively, we can use Basecamp to facilitate effective project management.

6. Will your point of contact be available during my time zone?

Yes if required on prior agreed appointments.

7. Do you guarantee Client Confidentiality & Intellectual Property (IP) Protection?

We've made effective Data Security Provisions to protect the Intellectual Property and Confidentiality of our clients. We encourage you and all our clients to read about our Security Measures in place.

8. Can I get technical support and maintenance after my project is up and running?

Certainly. We can either deploy a full-time professional or let you hire our resource on hourly basis who will provide you the technical support and conduct maintenance, as required by you.

9. How do I delegate work and communicate with the hired programmer?

Through Email and Instant Messenger like Skype, etc. Again, Basecamp can also be used if project is managed through it.

10. If a project doesn’t go to plan how will any issues be escalated?

Any issues related with the project delivery should be raised with the Delivery Head. If your issue is still not addressed to your satisfaction you can then talk to the Sales Head.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact us.