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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript & XML) is extremely robust technology to create rich front-end web applications, which are dynamic and extremely user-friendly. We have used it extensively with ASP.NET, JSP and PHP to create business applications, online web applications and shopping cart applications that enhance response of an online application.

Hveire PHP Delopers use different AJAX frameworks that let focus on application’s unique aspects by streamlining routing tasks. This helps increase developers’ productivity and accelerate development cycles.

Skills for Ajax Developer

  • Prototype.js
  • ASP.NET AJAX (former ATLAS)
  • R.A.D. AJAX 
  • Yahoo UI 
  • Cpaint
  • Rico
  • jQuery
  • ExtJS  FDocument Object Model
  • JavaScript

Ajax programming is now the universal language for client based validation and XML is a new revolutionary form of containing data and transfer data on World Wide Web.

AJAX Development Benefits:

  • Time Saving
  • Ajax sites provides better web-page interactivity
  • Saves server overheads
  • Better usability
  • Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform compatibility
  • Incremental skills, tools and technologies upgrade
  • Compatible with any web server and scripting language
  • Increasing speed

Benefits of hiring AJAX Programmer for PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, from Hire PHP developer:

Dedicated AJAX Programmer for PHP, ASP.NET, JSP working just for you:

You can have dedicated AJAX Programmer/s for PHP, ASP.NET, JSP working just for you. It is like Having your own employee offshore without incurring those huge salaries and hiring costs.

Choose from our mix of AJAX Programmers for ASP.NET, JSP, PHP:

Our team comprises of the right mix of expertise and skills. Choose from our pool of expert AJAX Developers for ASP.NET, JSP, PHP and get the best for you.

Cost benefits:

There are big cost and tax benefits using us as your offshore project development centre simply by paying a small monthly fee, (No hidden or extra costs involved for the same)


We work in shifts and provide you with 24-hour support, allowing you the flexibility to get your work done in your business hours no matter where you are located. You can stay connected with our team 24×6 and get regular updates, modifications from the programmer/s. You can contact us and have us contact you by phone, fax or email.


We try to give our best shot. We aim at client satisfaction and building a brand name in the global market

Believe in us as we believe in Quality:

As someone said, “The quality of an organization can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up.

Third party selling rights:

All the rights of the source code will be owned by you, for you to resell the codes, application/s and work done to a 3rd party.

At Hire PHP Developers India get Hire AJAX Framework Developers | Dedicated AJAX Development Team | AJAX Applications Programmers At Affordable Rates.

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