Why Hire PHP Developers?

Thank You for stopping by our site! We're happy and can't appreciate you enough for taking time to consider us as Your potential technology partner.

You may hire PHP developers from anywhere however we have a few strong reasons to propose our candidacy.

Here are a few good reasons why we feel that you should hire PHP Developers from us:

  1. Expertise & Specialization: From years, we have been programming and practicing with PHP & related development tools ONLY. This has helped us to develop such an expertise that we can write and code PHP programs which hold the potential to refine, reform or resonate greatly with our clients' business processeses and needs. Know more about our PHP expertise.

  2. Code of Conduct: We strive to follow and abide by the programming ethics while writing code. These rules shape and differentiate our good practices and attitudes for creating software or for making decisions on a crucial or delicate issue regarding a programming project. They are also the basis for ethical decision-making skills in the conduct of professional work.

  3. Cost Effectiveness: Not only do we offer competitive pricing but our resource engagement models are designed to facilitate cost-effective hiring for our clients. As a matter of reference, we've flexible plans to serve all kind of outsourced jobs, i.e. the ones with clearly defined scopes & specific deadlines as well as others where project scope and implementation plans are hard to predetermine. See our Engagement Models.

  4. Security: Data Integrity is a crucial aspect and therefore we do not take it otherwise. We give highest regard to the following:

    1. Data Protection & Secure Infrastructure Provisions: In order to protect our clients' data (like Intellectual Properties, Source Codes, etc.) and safeguard the privacy of business information, we've the effective data security arrangements in place.

      1. Operational Security:
        1. Use of Licensed Software Programs and Web-Tools Only
        2. Secured Development Area with Authorized Access Only
        3. Dedicated Backup Servers to prevent critical business information loss
        4. Confidentiality Agreement with employees for Data Integrity & Business Information Secrecy
      2. General Security:
        1. Buildings equipped with fire alarms & fire hydrant systems
        2. Maintenance Visitor and Guest Logs
        3. Entry for authorized personnel only
      3. Network Security:
        1. Firewall Safety For Servers
        2. Secured CISCO Network Equipment
        3. Regular Virus Scans and Software Updates
        4. Segregation of Information and other service Networks
      4. On-Premise Security:
        1. Dedicated premises under constant monitoring
        2. Physical surveillance systems in place
    2. Client Project Confidentiality: Apart from above mentioned security procedures, we enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our clients if required or preferred by our clients. Such an agreement is as similar as the Sample NDA by elance

  5. Effective Client Escalation Process: It is understandable if you get astounded or wonder why would there be a need for escalation, if we undertake the project aptly. Well, it is simply because we don't want to take chances with Your (Client) Satisfaction.

    Very rarely though it may happen that a resource deployed on your project is unable to coincide with exact requirements of the project. In such cases, you can approach our Top Officials including Delivery Manager, Sales Head or even the CEO.

If you think that all the above reasons have yet not proved enough to make up your mind about doing business with us, then we give you THE FINAL & THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ONE — Our Clients' Testimonials



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